Katie Rains is a Chicago-based artist who specializes in upcylced products using reclaimed materials and naturally occurring elements in her designs. Her one-of-a-kind plush giraffes and owls are made from reclaimed designer fabric samples sourced through ZeroLandfill Chicago. For more information, visit her website: katierains.com.




Matt Lang was raised in northwest Pennsylvania and now lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter. For many years, as a child, he had a near pathological fear of gorillas, but he is doing much better now. For more information, visit his website: matthewrobertlang.com.




Liz Meyer is a full-time mother of two and aspiring artist during nap time. She is a native Midwesterner and currently addicted to dark chocolate. She completed studies in fine arts and English at Calvin College in 2006. It has been her ambition to illustrate a children’s book since her early college days. And, thanks to your help here, her dream has nearly come true!




The Giraffe What Giraffe? This is not a Giraffe. Why do you think this is a Giraffe? Is it the neck? The spots? The ears? This is most certainly just an average, everyday city-dweller who likes to drink cappuccino, ride the train, and walk in the park, just like you and everyone else you know.