Frequently Asked Questions
& Other Tid-bits of Information


Why is The Giraffe white?

Actually, The Giraffe is waiting to be colored. Since every stuffed giraffe is handmade and one-of-a-kind, we purposely left The Giraffe in the book vacant of color so that, with a little bit of creativity and color, your book can match your stuffed animal.

We have also avoided gender pronouns in our book, so no matter what gender your giraffe is, he/she/ze/it/they will feel at home.


What should I use to color my book?

We suggest using color crayons or colored pencils to color your book, and definitely avoid using markers. Markers will bleed through the page.


Who is Katie Rains Designs and how are they involved?

Katie Rains is an artist that specializes in utilizing upcycled materials. She makes one-of-a-kind, plush giraffes from reclaimed, expired interior-designer fabric samples. These cute little giraffes were the inspiration for “The Giraffe’s Mustache, A Storybook You Can Color,” and her business, Katie Rains Designs, is publishing the book. For more information on Katie and Katie Rains Designs, visit her website;